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Who are you as a Vinyasa Yoga teacher?  Where are you headed in your career?  Do you want take your teaching to the next level?  To go deeper?  To broaden your range?  To learn among an inspired community of other teachers, creatives, and seekers who crave more?

Artful teaching demands a willingness to reach into the depths of your heart to find the words, the trust, and the courage to offer experiences that move, enrich and transform people’s lives.

This 300 hour heart-centered and non-dogmatic training is designed with the full time yoga teacher in mind.  We understand your time is scarce, money may be tight, but your heart burns to know more about this discipline that has shaped so much of who you are today.

Whether you choose to delve into the entire program or pick among the six intensive modules, this training will have you walk away feeling more confident in your ability to share what you love in your own organic way.  Plus, you'll leave with life long tools to accelerate your vision for work and life, and you'll have ongoing support to elevate your teaching and build a creative life that is healthy and thriving.

This training combines inquiry (personal development and reflection) with investigation (exploration of new concepts, modalities and resources) so that you come away:

  • ROOTED in what you know
  • EXPRESSIVE of who you are
  • DIVERSIFIED in what you offer
  • EMPOWERED to share your gifts
  • SOULFUL in holding space
  • and ever EVOLVING

If you choose to accept this invitation, your year long journey begins October 2017.  Click here to dive into the details: curriculum overview, schedule + investment.



2017-2018 training calendar

We believe that knowledge becomes wisdom when it is applied in our practice, our teaching and our lives.  We also recognize that yoga teachers lead busy lives.  The intention of this training calendar is to seamlessly fit into the life of a yoga teacher while offering enough space to digest and integrate the new knowledge, skills and experiences you're taking in.

Each module stands alone and, together, they weave an unparalleled tapestry of inquiry and investigation.  

You can count on diving deeper, gaining more tools and refining your skills as a teacher every other month for a full year as you lead up to your 300HR certification.  Or you’re welcome to join us for just one module.  This unique, pay-per-module training makes it easy for you to work towards your 300HR certification on your schedule and with your budget.  Each module you take counts as 50 Yoga Alliance Approved Continuing Education Credits and can be applied towards your 300HR certification. 

Feel free to click each module below to learn more or head over to the Training Overview.


Module 1 | Rooted | October 23-27, 2017

Module 2 | Expressive | January 8-12, 2018

Module 3 | Soulful | march 12-16, 2018

Module 4 | DIVERSIFIED | May 14-18, 2018

Module 5 | EMPOWERED| july 23-27, 2018

Module 6 | Evolving | September 24-28, 2018


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Training overview

Take a peek at our thoughtful, comprehensive and transformational training.  We carefully crafted this training with the busy yoga teacher in mind.  Our unique pay per module pricing makes this accessible and approachable.  Jump in for just one module or get on board for the whole experience.  

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Remember your truth as student, teacher and human being.