School's In!

The Training 


Welcome to the next rendition of Advanced Yoga Training. Year One was an incredible starting point. We saw how valuable and necessary it is for teacher's to join together to learn in a safe and nourishing environment. What happened when all these amazing souls blend was alchemy. We at Advanced Yoga Training learned a lot and are took away from Year One to develop Year Two, what we feel is even a more complete curriculum and offers a starting point for anyone or a way to reignite some passion and more learning for those already teaching with a totally revamped and expanded 200-Hour Interdisciplinary Yoga Training. We're also adding some incredible options that can take this 200-Hour to a 300-Hour or even 5—Hour Training for the year. Those include 2019 Summer Trainings with us and some of the most celebrated yoga teachers in the world. Plus a "Post-Graduate" chance to hone in and sharpen your skills while learning more. All this is one year! 

The Training 2.00


This one-of-a-kind 200-Hour Interdisciplinary Yoga Teacher Training co-facilitated by Mitchel Bleier, Tracy Bleier, Jessica Carlin, & Geri Bleier offers you community, depth, fun and inspiration to provide the opportunity to transform your life through yoga’s practices and teaching. 

This training is perfect for:

  • students curious to go deeper into their yoga practice
  • students who are ready and want to teach yoga
  • yoga teachers who are teaching and want to bring more depth and understanding into their practice and teaching with more studies. 

This training weaves the sciences, arts, and spiritualities of yoga to tell yoga’s story as a physical, mental, soulful, and spiritual body through poses, breathing, meditation, poetry, myths, story-telling, philosophy, and a main emphasis of learning in a safe and nourishing environment that supports your nervous system to feel at home in your self.