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THE 300-Hour

A 300-Hour Interdisciplinary yoga teacher training

Begins APRIL 2019

We believe it all begins with a welcome, open embrace to all the possibilities. We believe yoga as a practice, and teaching, is full of options with as many preferences as there are practitioners. In this non-dogmatic training we revere and welcome all systems, lineages, perspectives and opinions on yoga, so that we can “co-learn” together in a safe, supportive environment that develops the person and the teacher. 

This training asks you to understand yoga from the physical asana of biomechanics, biophysics, and biochemical ways that affect movement and how you feel, to the ideas, philosophies, and stories that weave a “yogic” world of perception. We will study and broaden your understanding and practices of meditation, breathing, the body, chanting, poetry, teaching, and much much more. This training is designed for anyone with an endless curiosity for growing their personal development and exploring new concepts, modalities, and resources to share as a teacher. 

In the time we co-learn together: 

  • You will source more confidence in your consistency, fluency, and your innate strengths as a teacher. 

  • You will feel more relaxed and trusting to share classes that leave lasting impacts on your students — whatever style of yoga you teach. 

  • You will gain spaciousness, and allow yourself the gift of opening up the field of your awareness to include so many rich ideas. 

  • You will learn so much about your own personal and relational health habits that will nourish you for a lifetime. 

  • You will feel refueled, energized, and above all supported to be exactly who you are. 

This training is perfect for:

  • students curious to go deeper into their yoga practice

  • students who are ready and want to teach yoga

  • yoga teachers who are teaching and want to bring more depth and understanding into their practice and teaching with more studies.

This is a non-dogmatic, non-system training that loosely uses "vinyasa" (consciously placing yourself) as its base. The training focus on safely creating perspectives, changes, and challenges to allow a lifelong relationship with yoga — your yoga, which is what you find in the training. As well as very applicable and skillful ways to communicate, lead, and teach classes. A sampling of what you receive through the 200 hours is spiritual practice, self-exploration, meditation; pranayama; mantra and chanting; harmonium; play; dance; mythology; poetry; yoga’s history: Veda, Buddhism, Bhakti, and Tantra; anatomy and kinesiology; and study in the alignment and forms of over 60 asanas; Teaching Skills, Art of Teaching, Language, Constructing and Sequencing Classes, Sanskrit for Yoga Teachers, and more.

Mitchel and Tracy have been co-facilitating (or co-learning as they say) teacher trainings for almost two decades. Together they have trained 1000's of teachers who teach all over the world. Their trainings are in-depth, fun, and definitely work to develop yoga teachers. They bring together an expertise in so many subjects of yoga including: asana, meditation, breathing, Indian myths and philosophy, Sanskrit, multiple perspectives on the human body, chanting, writing, qualities of a teacher, and more that creates a fullness of teachings and perspectives rarely available in one training. As constant students of yoga, arts, sciences, and life, Mitchel and Tracy have revamped and upgraded this 200-hour teacher training by adding to it the maturity that has come from teaching for over twenty years while respecting lineage and tradition with growth and transformation.

What students have to say:

It is amazing to grow alongside Tracy and Mitchel through their Advanced Yoga Teacher Training. Their ability to hold the wisdom and history of yoga and simultaneously provide space to play and wonder at our wild humanness and our unique gifts is what makes this teacher training truly advanced. The weekends are more than just how-to's of pretzel poses and Jedi mind tricks, though there are those, too... Tracy and Mitchel host a vast and intelligent community who gather to inspire, to practice, to learn and to grow. I brush against my own limitations and growing edges within each weekend, and am grateful for the opportunity to practice all the limbs of yoga on and off the mat. It is helpful to watch myself dance within the flow of the training's structure which includes song, movement, breath, poetry, art, nature, science, community, inquiry, sharing, collaborating and more. Thank you to Tracy and Mitchel and the AYTT community. Jai!
— Training Grad

What Tracy and Mitchel do is next level and truly on the cutting edge of yoga’s continuing education.
— Training Grad


  • April 1-5, 2019 * 

  • May 4-5, 2019 

  • May 18-19, 2019 

  • June 8-9, 2019 

  • June 22-23, 2019 

  • July 8-12, 2019 * 

  • Sept 7-8, 2019 

  • Sept 21-22, 2019 

  • Oct 12-13, 2019 

  • Oct 25-27, 2019 ** 

* Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm, ** Friday - Sunday 9am-5 pm 
Weekend meeting times saturdays 9am -6pm, sundays 9-4 


  • $3600

    • payment plan option available

    • limited scholarships available


2720 Frankfort Ave. 
Louisville, KY 40206 
(502) 608-7735 

Training includes all weekend instructions, access to on-line portal with materials, videos and audio instructions, original manual, community, a lifetime of knowledge to grow from, and the opportunity to be a 300 (or 500) Hour Yoga Alliance Register Teacher.