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Workshop — Overcoming Racism with Matthew Kincaid (DATE CHANGE)

  • Outer Space 1474 North Milwaukee Avenue Chicago, IL, 60622 United States (map)

Now a 1-Day Training — Thursday, September 27; 9am-4pm


Overcoming Racism seeks to build more equitable institutions, through comprehensive race and equity training. Overcoming Racism works with educators, businesses, religious organizations and communities, to foster productive dialogue around race, and to challenge the permanence of racism.

Overcoming Racism provides comprehensive race and equity workshops developing the skills of organizations, and individuals to tackle issues of structural racism in the workplace and everyday life. These training sessions facilitate participants ability to promote equity, and in doing so, promote positive staff culture and equitable practices. Overcoming Racism takes a personalized approach with its clients, creating individual plans for development based on the needs of the organization, or community.

This 1-Day Workshop Covers Topics Concerning*:

  • Defining Racism and Classism

  • Dynamics of Oppression: Prejudice, Discrimination, Oppression

  • The Fabric of Oppression: Understanding that systemic oppression is not limited to issues of race, comparing the concepts we learn through these trainings to address issues across difference.

  • Timeline of Racial Injustice/White Privilege

  • Data Analysis of Systemic Racism

  • Implicit Bias/Stereotype Threat

  • Facing our Fears – Overcoming the ini

  • Whiteness – How the social construct of racism was created, and why its best for all people to abandon common narratives of race.

  • Outcomes across Racial Differences: Understanding Intentions and Behaviors

  • Breaking the Cycle of Socialization: - Embracing the Cycle of Liberation*

  • Table of Oppression - How oppression is created and maintained

  • Micro-aggressions and Micro-affirmations

  • White Detours – Obstacles that stand in the way of white allies from engaging in conversations about race.

  • Crucial Conversations – Having critical conversations about race across difference with family and co-workers

  • The Hunger Banquet – An exercise on Classism

  • Inventory of Racial Experience - The purpose of this activity is to push the group to explicitly record personal experiences dealing with race and racism.

  • Thinking Fast and Slow: Understanding the brain, and how to create and retrain your antiracist brain

* time allowing

Outer Space 1474 N. Milwaukee Rd Chicago, IL 60647

Thursday, September 27, 2018
9:00 am - 4:00 pm

(please inquire for financial assistance)



I attended my first anti-racism workshop when I was fourteen years old. At the time I did not realize how profound of an impact it would have on my life.

For me studying anti-racism has answered a lot of questions, primarily the question of difference. Since the founding of this country, which has grown to be notably diverse, we have struggled with what to do with difference. How do we view our differences as assets, instead of something to ignore or fear. In leading race and equity workshops for over fifteen years, I have found that our fear of embracing differences often paralyzes our ability to have productive working and social relationships with people who are different than us. I founded Overcoming Racism because through my race and equity work I have been able to envision a world where our differences do not divide us, they don’t limit the potential of some, or enhance the potential of others, they don’t cause us to fear or distrust.

Instead I see a world where we utilize our diversity in our families, workplaces, schools and communities to create a society that elevates us all. Creating this reality takes work, it takes education, it takes personal investment and introspection. Overcoming Racism seeks to make this process accessible to all people, we work as a guide leading individuals and entities through the process of living more equitable lives and creating more equitable communities. At age fourteen I learned that in order to conquer societies greatest forms of oppression we must be motivated by an emotion stronger than fear. 

Matthew Kincaid has led anti-racism work for over fifteen years. He has also been involved in activism for his entire life. In addition to his work with Overcoming Racism, Matthew Kincaid has also served as a social studies teacher, instructional coach and school administrator in New Orleans, LA.