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Training — EVOLVING: module 6 with Mitchel, Tracy, Jessica Carlin, & Matthew Kincaid

  • Outer Space 1474 North Milwaukee Avenue Chicago, IL, 60622 United States (map)

As a teacher, your most important contribution to your work is that you stay committed to learning healthy ways to be fully engaged in your life and be a model for your community in physical, spiritual, and social actions. The reality is, that it’s often hard to do. In order to keep EVOLVING as a teacher, you have to keep evolving as a yogi. You have to figure out ways to juggle your home life, social life, work life, and your creative life without burning out, and instead, have them be a constant source of power. Learning how to access your experiences and become resourceful to feed your work, your vision, your sense of integrity, and your health in all you do is becoming proficient in your whole life, not just on your yoga mat.  

EVOLVING takes us through a personal journey and a social journey, as it addresses some very important topics around communication and equality. We believe these are crucial areas that yoga teachers need to take a lead and be a model in if we want to see and make real changes. We are very excited to be hosting Matthew Kincaid of Overcoming Racism for a two-day workshop. This is some of the most powerful work you may ever do.

EVOLVING reveals some necessary truths that too frequently are ignored as we begin a yoga journey or become a teacher. We get personal about our health, our bodies, aging and what most yogis can do to make all these better. We share ways to “hack” your office space and time to get the most out of it and feel energized by it. So if you want to start functioning at your most optimal and learn practices to support you in today’s world to be less overwhelmed, more empowered, and way healthier then this week has something for you.

This week is designed to help you generate creative momentum, social accountability, and solidify a sustainable work/life balance so you minimize your stress and maximize your fullest potential as a teacher, leader, and a voice in the field of wellness.

This module covers:

Outer Space 1474 N. Milwaukee Ave Chicago, IL 60647

Monday, September 24 - Friday, September 28, 2018
9:00 am - 4:00 pm each day

$600 for all five days, includes all trainings
$360 for the first 2 days + Cellular Cleanse, Bio-Boost, & Mind Lift Guide
$480 for the fist 2 days + Overcoming Racism Workshop
$360 for the Cellular Cleanse, Bio-Boost, & Mind Lift Guide + Overcoming Racism Workshop