how are you evolving in your practice, teaching and life?

Dates | September 24-28, 2018
Times | 9am-4pm each day
Location | TBD, Bucktown, Chicago, IL
Contributing Teachers | Tracy Bleier, Mitchel Bleier

As teachers, our most important contribution to our work is that we stay committed students.  We must seek out teachers, resources and communities that feed our work, our vision, our sense of integrity in all we do.  We must set time aside to study, observe, and create.  And, the reality is, that's sometimes hard to do.  In order to keep EVOLVING as teachers, we have to figure out our own unique way to juggle our home life, our social life, our work life and our creative life.  

In EVOLVING we get honest with where we're at right now, where we want to be in the future and we devise a clear path to get there.  This module is designed to help generate creative momentum, create accountability and solidify a sustainable work/life balance.  

In the module you will:

  • Get teaching feedback and see how much you have grown in a year

  • Delve into a conversation about the reality of the yoga industry (where it's at now and where it's headed)

  • Strengthen your skills as an entrepreneur including:

    • Marketing Your Business
      • Refine your brand 
      • Gain a better understanding of possible marketing channels including social media, email and content based marketing
      • Outline an integrated marketing strategy that makes sense for your business
      • Learn how to use DIY tools (most of them free) to execute your strategy 
    • Diversifying Your Income
      • Get creative about making money in the yoga world and learn how to host successful workshops, events and retreats
      • Take an honest look at your weekly schedule and shift from less to make more money and have more time
      • Explore different routes to establish passive income and stop trading hours for dollars
  • Learn how to more skillfully and ethically navigate challenging situations as a career yoga teacher
  • Discover the power behind manifestation and get really clear on the abundance you wish to create for yourself as a teacher and human being
  • Create a self-care ritual to keep you nourished and growing

EVOLVING can be taken independently or as a part of your YA 300HR certification.  With our unique curriculum and pay per module pricing, modules can be taken in any order.


  • $600 with commitment for whole year

  • $650 individual module

*inquire about our Full-Time Yoga Teacher Scholarship

To pay attention, this is our endless and proper work.
— Mary Oliver