MODULE 2 Expressive


does your teaching feel authentic and alive?

Dates | January 8-12, 2018
Times | 9am - 4pm each day
Location | Outer SPACE, 1474 N. Milwaukee AVE, Chicago, IL
Contributing Teachers | Tracy Bleier, Mitchel Bleier

As teachers, we have the opportunity to transform our students’ experience through our words, our ability to hold a safe and sacred space and our intentional themes and sequences.  When we tap into the rhythm of silence and conversation, we are honoring language as creative power and harness the complementary skill of deep listening.  Speaking from our heart depends on our willingness to trust in our word, to mean what we say, to walk our talk.  When we are able to speak from an authentic and grounded place, the more technical aspects of teaching flow more seamlessly - sequencing, theming, etc.

EXPRESSIVE celebrates our ability to trust in the ways we use verbal and nonverbal communication to make indelible connections with our students and community.

In this module, you will:

  • Learn about Bhakti and the creative aspects of yoga

  • Explore the power of language through the study of conscious communication and the poetics of cueing 
  • Learn the basics of Sanskrit
  • Chanting & Mantra practice
  • Find inspiration through the study of the Radiance Sutras, poetry and mythology 
  • Discover ways to transform your experiences into class themes that deepen the dimension of your class conversation without losing rhythm or authenticity

  • Learn to make rituals in your practice 

  • Write poetry, journal, make art: connect with your “inner artist"

  • Create and share class themes and sequences while receiving one-on-one mentoring and feedback

EXPRESSIVE can be taken independently or as a part of your YA 300HR certification.  With our unique curriculum and pay per module pricing, modules can be taken in any order.


  • $600 if committed to the whole year

  • $650 for individual modules

*inquire about our Full-Time Yoga Teacher Scholarship

Simply by being who you are, where you are, in this moment in time, and by sharing your truth and your own process honestly, you help the others with whom you share your journey.
— Rasha, Oneness