Lead Faculty 


Tracy Bleier, 500 ERYT

Tracy Bleier has been a local teacher and community leader/builder for the past twenty years.  She has had many classrooms, from inside a traditional high school where she taught English  Literature and writing to inside a yoga room where she taught people of all demographics the value that a yoga practice can bring to their lives. She has owned studios for decades, taught trainings and workshops and has spent most of her life as a voracious learner. She believes that our lives give us precious opportunities to learn about ourselves and she uses observations about her own life, refined from her years of practice, to tap into universal truths that feed the conversations she infuses into her classes.

Tracy teaches a range of yoga experiences, including the physical practices of Hatha Vinyasa yoga and functional movement and the contemplative practices of meditation and journaling. Tracy is happily married and is a proud mama to three boys, two dogs and a cat. She recently moved to Chicago where, in addition to teaching and caring for her family, she is writing her first book. 

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mitchel bleier, 500 ERYT

For over the last 20+ years, Mitchel Bleier has been teaching, training, and presenting his work to the world. He is an internationally known expert in yoga, posture, functional movement, Eastern Philosophies, meditation, biology, energy, and brain function.  

Since 2000, Mitchel has been leading retreats and training all over the world. Mitchel has had the rare privilege of learning first hand from many of the world's great Masters, in a diversity of traditions, including an academic education of South Asian Philosophies and Sanskrit from the University of Rochester. His most current teacher is Master John Douglas, a world-renowned theologian, prophetic minister, spiritual healer and extraordinary teacher. Mitchel has taught over 10,000 people from all over the world and has trained thousands of teachers in science and faith-based practices for body and brain performance.  

Mitchel is a former founder and CEO of the magazine company, Matrika; the CCO of the online wellness and video production company, Yo-Fi; and has been the owner or operator of yoga studios in Detroit, MI; Cincinnati, OH; Rochester, NY; and Fairfield County Connecticut. 

Today, Mitchel actively mentors top executives, athletes, and parents across the country on the ways to be vital in all aspects of life, work, and health. His education and understanding into the human potential, emotion, mind and body is a rare gift, and his ability to teach people how to make simple changes has profound impacts on their overall performance.

Mitchel currently lives in Chicago, is a father and husband, and is deeply passionate about working with individuals and companies to transform their results, and to create more positive internal and external health.



Contributing Faculty


Jessica Carlin, 500HR ERYT

Jessica Carlin is is an experienced  registered yoga teacher of 10 years, yoga practitioner of 20 years, and eager learner of 40 years. Her own curiosity about the human body and movement drives her goal to help students and clients feel more embodied and teachers feel more empowered. She is also a certified Integrative Movement Specialist and Functional Range Conditioning Coach. She utilizes concepts from all of her trainings to assess and improve movement patterns, range of motion, and breathing habits for people of any experience and stamina level. Jessica has managed a yoga studio, led and co-led yoga teacher trainings, and instructed workshops for Chicagoland studios. She is currently pursuing her state massage licence and developing curriculum for continued education courses for yoga teachers.

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In classes I merge vinyasa and bhakti yoga – the yoga of the heart – through storytelling, singing, evocative playlists, poetic language and creative yoga flows. I love to create the possibility for students to feel and tune more deeply into guidance and inspiration from within.

I am a proud native of New Orleans a graduate of NOLA public schools K-12. I have a B.A. in Cultural Studies from The Evergreen State College and an M.A. in Creation Spirituality from the Naropa Institute, where I studied yoga and spirituality with teachers from many traditions.

I founded Wild Lotus in 2002 and am deeply grateful for all the people – our teachers, staff, students, and my family – who make the studio such a loving place to be. It’s also a joy to sing, play, and tour around the country with The Wild Lotus Band merging ancient mantras, roots, rock, gospel, and world grooves. My wife Farah and our cat Sasha light up my heart.

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