empowered | JUly 23-27, 2018 | Chicago, IL

By choosing to teach, we have chosen to be of service.  To show up, let go of our own agenda, listen to the needs of our students and offer a safe and sacred space for healing.  When we teach, we have the opportunity to encourage students to listen, not to us, but to their own inner wisdom, to move and breathe in a way that assists them in finding strength, acceptance and balance.  We say what needs to be said and hold space for what needs to be felt.  We support students to respond with calm, kindness and reverence to their bodies.  When we teach from an EMPOWERED place, we create a space where true healing can occur.


areas of study

  • Designing Your Authentic Class
  • Integrating Everything to be Yours
  • Dealing with Common Injuries + Conditions
  • Hands on Assists