Advanced Yoga Training
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Do you want to take your YOGA, Teaching, + Life to the next level?  

Artful yoga is skillful living. Artful living is skillful yoga. Whether that's in teaching or practicing, it is all living with the willingness to trust your heart and the courage to act on it to make your life full of health, energy, and reaching your potential. 

Are you ready to make your life as skillful and artful as you can? Are you ready to explore, seek, and bridge your native intuitions with your optimal performance? Are you ready to acquire new ideas, modalities, and resources to constantly evolve?

you Are ready.

— Alicia S.

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THe Training ONLINE: AN Interdisciplinary Yoga Teacher Training

May 1, 2019 — OCTOBER 2019

This training gives you my culmination of decades of learning with the best teachers from around the world‭, to you in this highly effective ONLINE training‭. ‬‬I had to travel around for years‭, ‬finding different expert teachers all over the world to pass down their knowledge to‭ ‬me. This training is a powerful journey into yoga’s past and future‭. ‬It gives you tradition and innovation‭, ‬and leaves you with the skills necessary to understand and create a lifelong yoga practice and career‭. ‬This is not a cookie-cutter‭, ‬follow-a-recipe training‭. ‬If you never have taken a training‭, ‬or if you have and you are looking for more‭, ‬then this training is perfect for you‭.‬

Our‭ ‬LIVE‭ ‬interactive calls are big part of the training and is one thing what separates this training from other online trainings‭. ‬These‭ ‬calls connect us and builds‭ ‬community‭. ‬They are times for you to ask questions and gain the unpredictable‭ ‬&‭ ‬invaluable lessons that happen during in-person trainings‭. ‬One thing we do in these calls is look at your poses using the pictures or videos you send in‭. ‬This way you get individual feedback about your poses‭, ‬but more‭, ‬we help each other see how different bodies move‭, ‬and learn what that means and how to apply more options to help your future students‭.‬

These calls‭, ‬also‭, ‬are your time to find and‭ ‬develop‭ ‬your voice‭. ‬You will have chances to lead your peers in meditations‭, ‬dharma talks‭, ‬poems‭, ‬and readings‭, ‬gaining teaching experience and‭ ‬confidence‭. ‬Plus‭, ‬you get tons of inspiration along the way by listening to all the voices and styles‭.‬

I am with you‭, ‬as are all your fellow peers during this training‭. ‬We begin together‭, ‬we develop together‭, ‬and we‭ ‬become the best yoga teachers together‭!‬

AND you get the best of both worlds with an in-person immersion. This in-person immersion give us the chance to connect and sit close by to each other while exponentially taking our learning to new heights. This intensive is the perfect complement to all the online content and practice. And if you can't make the in-person weekend, no problem as you can still complete the requirements all online and receive a 200-Hour certificate. If you want to complete the in-person immersion and receive your 300-Hour, then the opportunity will be available to you in the future.


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