Live Streaming

Why Live Stream?

Because we want this training is to be accessible, affordable, and to fit seamlessly into the life of a yoga teacher while offering enough space to digest and integrate the new knowledge, skills, and experiences you're taking in. The Live Stream option is nearly the same as being with us in person. You get the same private URL as everyone else who attends the week, which gives you access to everything including all is where all the course materials, media list, and the audio and videos. In addition, you are part of the private group Facebook page where you can ask questions and engage with us. 

We believe that knowledge becomes wisdom when it is applied in our practice, our teaching and our lives.  We also recognize that yoga teachers lead busy lives, which is why we decided to Live Stream each module. Don't worry, you don't have to be with us LIVE from 9am-4pm (Central Time Zone) to sign up for the Live Stream. The day's unedited live stream is available that night, plus each day's videos will be edited into shorter videos that you will have access to indefinitely. 

Each module stands alone and, together, they weave an unparalleled tapestry of inquiry and investigation.  

You can count on diving deeper, gaining more tools, and refining your skills as a practitioner and teacher every other month for a full year, or join us for just one module. 


Here are some example screenshots of a URL page for a module. Eat page consists of handouts that are collections we've put together and original writings as manuals and articles, and more. Plus you get a media list of books, music, and film to dive into that supports the module's materials (these are not included in the tuition). And the videos categorized by day and numbered with a description. 



We write tons of original materials on asana, breathing, meditation, myths, philosophy, singing, poetry, and more. Plus we curate the greatest excerpts we know and put them together in a artful PDF. 


Media List

We find the best, most relevant books to bring into a module, and pair them with music, movies, podcasts, TED Talks, Youtube Videos, or anything that supports what you're learning.



We archive all the week's videos, edited and categorized so you can easily find and return to your favorite practice or talk. 

At the end of the week, we upload a guidebook to help you integrate and utilize the week's materials, books, and any other media. The guidebook is done at your own pace as is all the materials for the week.

If you are craving a fresh perspective and ready to dive to some new depths in your teaching and your practice then these ONLINE trainings are perfect for you.


  • $249*

*online training does not count towards YA certification

2018 Calendar of Modules: