Advanced Yoga Training
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The Training is Now

An INTERDISCIPLINARY Yoga Teacher Training
FOr New & Experienced Teachers


 Do you want to take your teaching your practice and your life to the next level? 
To go deeper? To broaden your range? 
To learn among a safe, warm, and supportive community who only wants you to see and know how powerful you are? 

Then, DEAR YOGIS, you will love this…

Welcome to the next rendition of Advanced Yoga Training: THE YOGA TEACHER’S LAB. We are turning the majority of trainings into INTERACTIVE online courses that offer a starting point for anyone, as well as, a way for a current teacher who's ready to learn more and reignite some passion.

We believe it all begins with a welcome, open embrace to all the possibilities. We believe yoga as a practice, and teaching, is full of options with as many preferences as there are practitioners. In this non-dogmatic training we revere and welcome all systems, lineages, perspectives and opinions on yoga, so that we can “co-learn” together in a safe, supportive environment that develops the person and the teacher.

We know what it takes to train teachers. We've been doing it for over 20 years. These are our dream trainings, to create a curriculum like a school that allows you to grow at your pace and from your place. Welcome to The Yoga Teacher’s Lab and get ready to thrive.


updated & upgraded


This is a non-dogmatic, non-system training that loosely uses "vinyasa" (consciously placing yourself) as its base. The training focus on safely creating perspectives, changes, and challenges to allow a lifelong relationship with yoga — your yoga, which is what you find in the training. As well as very applicable and skillful ways to communicate, lead, and teach classes. A sampling of what you receive through the training is spiritual practice, self-exploration, meditation; pranayama; mantra and chanting; harmonium; play; mythology; poetry; yoga’s history: Veda, Buddhism, Bhakti, and Tantra; anatomy and kinesiology; and study in the alignment and forms of over 60 asanas; Teaching Skills, Art of Teaching, Language, Constructing and Sequencing Classes, Sanskrit for Yoga Teachers, and more. This training is designed for anyone with an endless curiosity for growing their personal development and exploring new concepts, modalities, and resources to share as a teacher. 

This training gives you my culmination of decades of learning with the best teachers from around the world‭, to you in this highly effective ONLINE training‭. ‬‬I had to travel around for years‭, ‬finding different expert teachers all over the world to pass down their knowledge to‭ ‬me. This training is a powerful journey into yoga’s past and future‭. ‬It gives you tradition and innovation‭, ‬and leaves you with the skills necessary to understand and create a lifelong yoga practice and career‭. ‬This is not a cookie-cutter‭, ‬follow-a-recipe training‭. ‬If you never have taken a training‭, ‬or if you have and you are looking for more‭, ‬then this training is perfect for you‭.‬

Our‭ ‬LIVE‭ ‬interactive calls are big part of the training and is one thing what separates this training from other online trainings‭. ‬These‭ ‬calls connect us and builds‭ ‬community‭. ‬They are times for you to ask questions and gain the unpredictable‭ ‬&‭ ‬invaluable lessons that happen during in-person trainings‭. ‬One thing we do in these calls is look at your poses using the pictures or videos you send in‭. ‬This way you get individual feedback about your poses‭, ‬but more‭, ‬we help each other see how different bodies move‭, ‬and learn what that means and how to apply more options to help your future students‭.‬

These calls‭, ‬also‭, ‬are your time to find and‭ ‬develop‭ ‬your voice‭. ‬You will have chances to lead your peers in meditations‭, ‬dharma talks‭, ‬poems‭, ‬and readings‭, ‬gaining teaching experience and‭ ‬confidence‭. ‬Plus‭, ‬you get tons of inspiration along the way by listening to all the voices and styles‭.‬

I am with you‭, ‬as are all your fellow peers during this training‭. ‬We begin together‭, ‬we develop together‭, ‬and we‭ ‬become the best yoga teachers together‭!‬

AND you get the best of both worlds with an in-person immersion. This in-person immersion give us the chance to connect and sit close by to each other while exponentially taking our learning to new heights. This intensive  is the perfect complement to all the online content and practice. And if you can't make the in-person weekend, no problem as you can still complete the requirements all online and receive a 200-Hour certificate. If you want to complete the in-person weekends and receive your 300-Hour, then the opportunity will be available to you in the future.


  • You will source more confidence in your consistency, fluency, and your innate strengths as a practitioner and teacher. 

  • You will develop and trust your unique voice to share classes that leave lasting impacts on your students. 

  • You will gain spaciousness, and allow yourself the gift of opening up the field of your awareness to include so many rich ideas. 

  • You will learn so much about your own personal and relational health habits that will nourish you for a lifetime. 

  • You will feel refueled, energized, and above all supported to be exactly who you are. 

This training is perfect for:

  • students curious to go deeper into their yoga practice

  • students who are ready and want to teach yoga

  • yoga teachers who are teaching and want to bring more depth and understanding into their practice and teaching with more studies.


  • How about a package in the mail! W're sending you:

    • The Yoga Teacher’s Lab Teacher Training Manual, an extensive and beautiful brand new manual that is 300+pages covering: asana with pictures, alignment, meditation, breathing, philosophy, Sanskrit, Teaching Skills, + more

    • Deity Cards to put on your alter

    • Mala beads for meditation

    • A Hanuman Chaleesa chant sheet

  • Surprise content with special guest instructors (you'll have to trust us that this will blow you away!)

  • A private Facebook Page dedicated just for our group

  • Special discounts on future Online Courses offered by The Yoga Teacher’s Lab


  • Are you looking to deepen your personal practice‭?‬

  • Are you seeking high-quality certification‭?‬

  • Have you already completed a 200-Hour YTT‭, ‬but are looking for mentorship‭? ‬

  • You want to deepen your expertise‭, ‬gain the confidence‭, ‬and go out there and TEACH‭.‬

  • Are you teaching now‭, ‬but need more skills‭, ‬and want practical business and online skills to create a thriving yoga business‭?‬

‭....‬If any of the above describes you‭ - ‬I can help‭.‬

It’s important for me that this is the right fit for you‭. ‬I want to create a community and training that knows what to expect and wants to be a part of this training‭. ‬This brochure will take you step-by-step through what you’ll learn‭, ‬and how the training works‭. ‬I’ll cover common FAQs about both in-person and online trainings‭. ‬By the time you’re done reading this‭, ‬you’ll have more clarity on whether my online training is the right fit for YOU‭.‬

What kind of people take online YTT?

  • People who LOVE the ancient wisdom of yoga‭, ‬but recognize the impracticality of sitting in a yoga studio for 10-20‭ ‬hours weekends over and over again‭.‬

  • Busy working professionals‭ ‬

  • Health care professionals

  • Students‭ ‬&‭ ‬teachers‭ ‬

  • People who travel‭ ‬

  • Mothers and fathers‭ ‬

The PROS of Online

Let’s talk about the pros of doing a‭ ‬Yoga Teaching Training ONLINE‭.‬

  1. No Travel‭. ‬No Parking‭. ‬No Jetlag‭. ‬No Time Away from Work or Family‭.
    That’s a huge cost saving in hassle‭, ‬commute‭, ‬flights‭, ‬hotels‭, ‬childcare‭, ‬or time‭. ‬The technology now exists to make an in‭- ‬depth‭, ‬highly interactive training possible‭. ‬It’s empowering and amazing‭.

  2. Pause‭ ‬&‭ ‬Rewind
    I don’t know about you‭, ‬but I need to hear something multiple times before I truly understand it and feel comfortable teaching it‭. ‬With online‭, ‬you can literally pause‭, ‬rewind‭, ‬and review‭. ‬The content gets to sink in at your pace and your preference to contemplate‭. ‬Students tell us they love being able to re-watch videos‭, ‬especially complicated ones on anatomy‭, ‬joint structure‭, ‬or Sanskrit‭. ‬Jot down your questions in your UpliftedTM YTT manual‭, ‬so we can address them together on our live calls‭. ‬I made sure these‭ ‬calls are always accessible to you too‭ ‬‮–‬‭ ‬recorded for your flexible viewing‭. ‬

  3. Flexibility
    My goal is for you to graduate‭. ‬That’s why I run the training LIVE so you move through the experience with the rest of your class‭. ‬If life throws you a curveball‭, ‬you retain access to all the material‭ ‬‮–‬‭ ‬and STILL HAVE up to 18‭ ‬months to complete the graduation requirements‭. ‬This offers incredible peace of mind‭, ‬and a great deal of flexibility‭. ‬

  4. Resource for Life
    I’d do anything to re-take or re-listen to all the incredible lectures from my teachers so many years ago‭. ‬Instead‭, ‬I reconstruct‭ ‬from my emory adn notes as best as I can‭, ‬but with this ONLINE training‭, ‬you have these resources for your reference always‭. ‬Re‭-‬watching and learning new things everytime you return to the dozens of audios and videos‭. ‬Once you graduate‭, ‬you keep access to all this material‭. ‬It’s here for you‭, ‬forever‭.‬

  5. More Personalized Feedback‭ ‬
    In an in-person YTT‭, ‬5‭ ‬typically the teacher will look at one or two students in each pose‭, ‬max‭. ‬That’s all there’s time for‭! ‬In the studio‭, ‬there’s a lot of material and poses to get through‭, ‬and whatever space you’re in is only rented for 6‭ ‬hours on Saturday‭. ‬Rush‭, ‬rush‭.‬

    ‬Because our training is online‭, ‬I’m able to give YOU‭ ‬‮—‬each of you‮—‬‭ ‬personalized feedback on dozens of postures that you send to me as photos and videos‭.‬

    And you have the opportunity to see many more bodies with my commentary in all of yoga’s key poses‭.‬

    Students tell me this is by far the most valuable resource when they go out and teach in the studio world‭. ‬Our program is SO MUCH more comprehensive than looking at one or two bodies in-person‭. ‬Looking at one or two bodies in person doesn’t prepare you for the vast diversity of students you’ll encounter in your classes‭. ‬In this training‭, ‬you’ll learn to read bodies and assess alignment with me‭, ‬looking at hundreds of bodies‭, ‬not just one‭.

    Being a good yoga teacher is about compassion‭, ‬clarity‭, ‬effective cueing and expert insights in‭ ‬“reading”‭ ‬bodies‭. ‬This interactive online format allows us to view photos and freeze-frame videos‭ ‬‮–‬‭ ‬and TRULY LOOK at different types of‭ ‬bodies and different levels of students‭, ‬side-by-side‭.‬

Where else can you do this‭?‬

Unless we were in a stadium filled with 100s of yoga students of all ages and walks of life‭, ‬who’d be willing to hold Warrior II for

40‭ ‬minutes while we look at each one of them‭, ‬moving certain people side-by-side to showcase a particular concept and explore modifications‭?!? ‬Without the freeze-frame/side-by-side approach‭, ‬this kind of in-depth real life assessment would never be possible‭.‬

This is the MAGIC of how my Online Teacher Training program works!

But don't forget we get to meet in-person too. This is a truly flexible, accessible training meant to meet your life without skimping on all the content and teaching that makes you the BEST yoga teacher you can be.

What students have to say:

It is amazing to grow alongside Tracy and Mitchel through their Advanced Yoga Teacher Training. Their ability to hold the wisdom and history of yoga and simultaneously provide space to play and wonder at our wild humanness and our unique gifts is what makes this teacher training truly advanced. The weekends are more than just how-to's of pretzel poses and Jedi mind tricks, though there are those, too... Tracy and Mitchel host a vast and intelligent community who gather to inspire, to practice, to learn and to grow. I brush against my own limitations and growing edges within each weekend, and am grateful for the opportunity to practice all the limbs of yoga on and off the mat. It is helpful to watch myself dance within the flow of the training's structure which includes song, movement, breath, poetry, art, nature, science, community, inquiry, sharing, collaborating and more. Thank you to Tracy and Mitchel and the AYTT community. Jai!
— Training Grad

What Tracy and Mitchel do is next level and truly on the cutting edge of yoga’s continuing education.
— Training Grad

Next Training STarts:

  • May 1, 2019


  • $1995

    • payment plan option available

    • limited scholarships available

    • $333 additional fee for in-person immersion

Training includes all weekend instructions, access to on-line portal with materials, videos and audio instructions, original manual, community, a lifetime of knowledge to grow from, and the opportunity to be a 300 (or 500) Hour Yoga Alliance Register Teacher.