module 4: DIVERSIFIED — Full Week (in person)

module 4: DIVERSIFIED — Full Week (in person)


Yoga is a rich and complex lineage of teachings, practices, and dialogues which are reflected in modern yoga in a variety of styles. While we may gravitate toward specific practices that speak to our bodies and minds, learning about the many innovations, technologies and systems of yoga can help us develop appreciation, respect, and understanding for all the diverse possibilities that exist to diversify our practice, teaching and lives. Yogis were, and still are, innovators. 

To be DIVERSIFIED is to value tolerance, spaciousness, and acceptance of all preferences.  To be DIVERSIFIED, we must explore and study yoga and understand our native ways we move and hold emotions, memories, and experiences in our bodies. This week offers deep insight and practice into somatics and movement possibilities to help yourself and students unlock restrictions, obstacles, even injuries, and free up their potential. To be DIVERSIFIED, we learn to safely and respectfully share our knowledge with our students.

This very special week has two guest co-learners: 
Sarah Wolfman & Jessica Carlin

In this module you will:

  • Somatics
  • Body + brian performance
  • Functional movement & movement patterns
  • "Asensing" the body + others
  • Working One-On-One
  • Integrating deeper connections and offerings in group classes to help students release and be free

DIVERSIFIED can be taken independently or as a part of your YA 300HR certification.  With our unique curriculum and pay per module pricing, modules can be taken in any order.

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