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Are you seeking to practice yoga without feeling rushed to get to class and/or are you craving guidance for that  deeper internal connection?— A practice that speaks to the current needs of your body, your heart, your brain — even your mood?

Are you ready to be guided with inspired conversation so that you settle into your body and remember what really matters in your life?

If so, I am glad you are reading this because what I have is for you.

I understand how important your yoga practice is. I understand wanting to feel strong and empowered, as much needing time to settle and feel more grounded and awake.

If this resonates with you, or you have practiced in my classes before then you will love meeting me for these special sessions where I will lead you through a practice that feels sacred and inspired, energizing and grounding.

I use language, words, conversation as a means to help you gain access to higher ways of thinking, feeling and moving in your body.

I use vinyasa based sequences of movement that are accessible and consistent and will result in you feeling fluid and challenged in all the right ways.

I use instructions that align you with the bigger picture — that tunes you in on a levels that you have been craving — you want the richness, the spirit — you want it all to flow. I get that.

The best is that you can schedule with me on your time. We meet via FaceTime in some quiet place and I will guide you through a seamless practice you will cherish and look forward to.

If you are uncertain about the whole computer, tech thing, I understand. Below is a sample video of the way I might guide the beginning of a session so you can feel it out. All you need is a computer, or phone and a place to practice. But unlike an online practice — this is a personal, private session that will speak specifically to you and your body.


  • Tuesdays & Wednesdays — 7:00AM - 10:00AM*
  • Fridays — 8:30AM - 11:30AM*
    *Central Time


  • Single Session — $90
  • Package of 5 — $400