Learn to Meditate with Lorin Roche, PhD

Learn to Meditate with Lorin Roche, PhD


Learn the joys of meditating through this simple yet revolutionary way. Lorin Roche, PhD illuminates and entertains you through the journey of meditation in this, his first ever filmed workshop. Whether you're a seasoned meditator, a teacher, or brand new to it, there is something for everyone in this training.

  • Development of your own daily practice

  • A deeper understanding into the science of meditation and cutting edge research

  • New ways of guiding meditations that adapt to any culture or level of student

  • Tried and true language that invites a deeper meditative experience for anyone

  • The most effective questions to ask when teaching meditation

  • A renewed passion for your meditation

  • Approachable ways to help support others to begin a practice

  • Knowing what styles, approaches work for your life, body and brain.

You receive a URL address that does not expire. The webpage has PDF documents to accompany the videos. There are 12 hours of video filmed LIVE in Chicago, IL. 

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