module 3: SOULFUL Livestream (unedited)

module 3: SOULFUL Livestream (unedited)


Get the entire week ONLINE.

The second best option if you couldn't be with us in person is the Online version. The online option gives you all the same access to materials as if you were with us in person. You get the SOULFUL module private URL that contains all the materials, media list, and library of videos.


  • How is the Soul a Part of Yoga
  • Tantra Philosophy
  • 3-Day Meditation Training with Lorin Roche, PhD
  • The Science of Breathing
  • Understanding Your Nervous System
  • Crafting a Soulful Class

You have indefinite access to the SOULFUL URL page with the videos of the week and materials to return to over-and-over again. 

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