The early practices of hatha yoga included specific cleansing techniques. These original yogis understood the importance of cleaning the internal body; the organs, nose, and eyes. These cleanseswere essential to the yogi's health and spiritual development. Just like then, yoga still seeks to purify, detox, and gain spiritual attainment. Yet, today our environment is so much more toxic, our food and water are less nutritious, and we have incredibly stressful lives and lifestyles. What we have is a perfect storm for disease.

Advanced Yoga Training takes detox and health as a requisite to deepen our intuitive and spiritual connection, as well as living the cleanest and healthiest life. We believe that today's times require a detox upgrade. This 3-hour course offers simple and powerful ways to approach a healthy body that goes beyond the yoga poses. This course will cover:

  • how to mineralize, structure, and drink whole living water 
  • how to maintain a healthy pH balance through breathing and some simple, inexpensive ingredients
  • what supplements you must use and what supplements to take your physical and spiritual health to new levels
  • modern technology and the AMPCOIL — each participant receives a tune up with the ampcoil
  • plus, talk about food, light, and more... 

This course is limited to 10 participants. Each person will receive an ampcoil tune up, your own handmade magnesium bicarbonate (and you will learn how to make your own), and a manual. In addition, many of the supplements discussed and tried will be available for sale with a 15% discount. 




The alchemy of health: 
modern detoxing for modern yogis

when: Saturday, May 5, 2018
Where: 2236 W. Armitage ave #202, bucktown, il
Faculty: Mitchel Bleier