2017 Holiday Gift Guide


Here’s our Holiday Gift guide that combines the self-reflective — getting ready for New Year’s resolutions (gotta get healthy) — with the generous gift giving — can’t buy enough things thanks to Black Friday, cyber every day, green Monday, and whatever tomorrow is — mass holiday consumption. If you’re not sure what to get your yogi, biohacking, health freak husband, wife, parent, or friend, or you want to help one of them if they travel a lot or need a not so subtle hint to start making some healthy life changes then this list has got you covered. What better kind of gift is there then to upgrade someone's life? And while you’re at it but these for yourself too!


1. For The Meditator, Seeker, or Needing a Soul or Health Upgrade

Yes, this can do it all! Master John Douglas is a spiritual healer whose gifts are beyond comprehension or words. He performs miracle after miracle for people, and fortunately for everyone, he has created tools (repairs) to help transform your life. The tools are simple CDs that you play like a meditation. Some can be left on in silence on a loop to clean your home, astrology, or spirit. He also has discs to clean your food, prevent or kill infections, or help the body (and more new ones). We use all his repairs and discs. These are life-changers. I recommend everything, but start with Spirit-Repair , Soul-Repair , Karmic-Repair or Relationship Development and pair it with Subconscious Repair (or any of them will be amazing, peruse the sight and choose for yourself).

The coolest ring ever is the new Oura Ring. The Oura ring is not only attractive (well I think so), but it delivers tons of awesome ways to measure and keep track of your health. It can store that data for up to six weeks (so you don’t have to have the ring on wi-fi all the time) and it does all this right from your finger. It has so much incredible technology that it is hard to believe it is wrapped up in this tiny ring. In summary, here’s a few things it does:
The body signals which the Oura ring measures are:

  • Pulse waveform
  • 3D-acceleration
  • Body temperature

The signals the Oura ring processes are:

  • Interbeat interval (IBI)
  • Pulse amplitude variation (related to blood pressure variation)
  • ECG level resting heart rate (RHR)
  • Heart rate variability (HRV)
  • Respiratory rate
  • Movements, intensity of physical activity

They've just updated the original ring and are taking pre-orders now. Use this code: LIVESUPERHUMAN to receive $100 off!. Honestly, this is an incredible deal. A perfect stocking stuffer. Shop Oura Ring

You can read my blog post What is Bulletproof to learn more. It is the best coffee we drink, and since it is lab tested 27 times for molds and other toxins you can rest assured that it is the cleanest coffee you will drink. Combine it with Brain Octane and grass-fed butter, and you have rocket fuel to get you through your day! 
Shop Bulletproof.com


4. Healthy Fun For the Whole Family — Best Way to Wake Up

A Mini Trampoline, a.k.a a rebounder. I wake up every morning, and as I wait for the coffee to brew, I jump on this for two minutes. And everyone else uses it too when they wake up. It’s a simple little hack to shake up your EZ water and get your lymphatic system going. After two minutes I feel all tingly and energized, and that’s before any coffee! I use this one. It’s inexpensive, and I’ve had no problems with it. Mini-Trampoline on Amazon but if you want the original get this one: The Original Rebounder on Amazon

It’s not only my guts that have bacteria that I have to feed and take care of, but my skin has bacteria too. And there is this amazing company called Mother Dirt that addresses your skin’s bacteria and created a skincare line (shampoo too) to create healthy skin by bringing the good bacteria back. They have a spray that is called AO (Ammonia Oxygenated) Mist that is a living bacteria that you spray on your body to restore healthy bacteria. It can help with a whole host of things, like balancing and clearing up your skin, body odor, even toenail fungus (it helped me). It also helps you become less dependent on products. We also love the facial cleanser and moisturizer (which uses MCT oil). Get it here. Great gift.

Beck rocking my glasses

Beck rocking my glasses

I swear by these. I wear them every day when I’m on the computer, tablet or phone. I wear them in the evening when I’m winding my day down. They have such a calming effect. Plus junk light (bad light) is one of the worst things for us. I never really thought about that until this last year, but it makes sense. I mean we are nothing without sunlight, so light is our truest health. This helps protect against all the modern day technologies and help you sleep better. This is a great brand and even have kids glasses too! Get them on Amazon

7. The SPLURGE, Totally Worth It! 

We are infrared light lovers, and this is by far (in my opinion) the best Infrared sauna on the market. Not only are the beautiful, but they produce the lowest EMF output of any infrared sauna, which most people aren’t thinking about when shopping for one. So you gain all the incredible benefits of Infrared heat without loading your body with harmful EMFs! Infrared is proven to penetrate the skin and deep into the tissue. The health benefits range from muscle & joint pain & stiffness relief, boosting your immune system, heart health, weight loss, improves your skin (including the appearance of cellulite), detoxification (from the inside out), and helps relieve stress and fatigue. Infrared is different than a traditional sauna because it is not as hot. Instead of the body sweating, as a result, to try and cool down from excessive heat, the heat of an infrared penetrates into the body and raises your core temperature resulting in sweat that is detoxing from the inside out. I wake up every morning and use infrared while I meditate. This is one of the best things you can do for your long-term health! Read more about infrared saunas here and get $450 off with this link: Clearlight Sauna

Grass-Fed meat is a staple in our home. It has so many beneficial vitamins and nutrients. Sadly only 1-3% of meat sold in the U.S. is grass-fed. Conventionally farmed meat is terrible for us. It is loaded with hormones that affect your health (weight gain), and even if it is labeled organic doesn’t mean it’s grass-fed. Most likely it just means it is organic grains like corn. Did you know that the University of California Berkeley did a study where they carbon tested a sample of a U.S. cow (conventionally farmed) and the test came back that the cow was over 90% corn! Cows can’t digest corn or turn it into anything beneficial for you when you eat, so you’re just eating corn. That same test was performed on a typical American, and it came back over 60%, while the same test was run on a European and it came back only 5%. It’s time to not only change what we eat but change what we eat, ate. We order from Butcher Box every month. It’s awesome and easy, and they are the best company. They send us our custom box of what we choose, from pasture-raised poultry or pork to grass-fed meat. And it is totally affordable especially compared to high end markets like Whole Foods. Plus it comes with an insulated bag so every month you get a new reusable bag to use when you shop. You can cancel anytime. Order Now.

The coolest (actually most exotic) place to be, referred to as the “Heart of the World,” is now even better because Tracy is co-leading a retreat this February with an amazing Kettlebell, fitness, nutrition, and meditation teacher Katie Petersen. These two are teaming up to bring you the best wellness retreat of 2018. Don’t miss this opportunity to grow your heart (and other muscles too) in the “heart of the world.” Book Now or up till January 1st, and receive $275 off with this code: ADVANCEDYOGATT

And lastly but with much excitement and anticipation....

 10. The First Ever Live Superhuman! Course

Get ready to make the greatest life upgrades to your health, energy levels, creativity, and productivity for 2018.
Limited space for this inaugural course. Get it now at this low price.

Learn and Live this set of lifestyle practices that synthesize decades of study, exercises, and results to jumpstart your healthiest, most energized, focused, and productive self. This four-week program combines age-old wisdom with new scientific advancements in nutrition and supplementation, meditation, breathing, sleep and light therapy, as well as, movement to get you feeling SUPERHUMAN. 


  • Live group calls (calls are recorded)
  • Nutritional fuel pan with recipes
  • Meditations
  • Breathing manual 
  • Guidebook
  • All access (no expiration) password locked webpage with the Live Superhuman guidebook, audios, and videos that

Begins January 17, 2018: Book Now

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