The Bio-Alchemy of Water and Yoga

     My yoga practice is transformed. I still get on a mat and do yoga poses, but not as much as I used to and not with the same zealous. I breathe differently. I have a new relationship with breathing then I did before. I value the power of the breath to heal. I meditate more. I am more connected to the universe energetically. In these last few years as I appeared to move “away” from yoga (teaching and practicing), I realize that I was actually moving closer to yoga. Just a different yoga then what I did and taught, and with that, the yoga the West has created. My yoga is with me, stronger than ever, and that’s how I feel on a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual level — stronger than ever.

     The greatest transformation in yoga to me has been my turn from the bio-mechanical to what I call the bio-alchemical. I still love the body, its architecture and ways it is all connected and moves. It fascinates me. It has led me to continue my studies of movement through joint mobility exercises, HIIT, and obstacle course training like you see on American Ninja Warrior. I have a broader appreciation of my body’s movement and capacity. But when I work with a client, or my own health, I look to the body’s alchemy — its minerals, vitamins, chemistry, and ways it communicates/structures for health. The physique is beautiful and something I will always admire and desire, but I attribute my health and vibrancy, both physically and spiritually, to my the biological alchemy practices I am doing. As I have experimented and learned over the last few years, I have come to find wonder and understanding in the yogi’s from centuries ago that I used to pass off as something either too weird or just irrelevant. Now I think they were just geniuses.

My bathroom sink

My bathroom sink

     One of the things that I have been focused on is water. It seems simple enough and yet I never knew the chemistry of water and it’s healing power. I was listening to a podcast with Matt Blackburn, on Biohacking Secrets, and he said something that stuck with me regarding the Paleo movement and what we ate 10,000 years ago, but no one is talking about the water we drank. I assumed water was water. Yet he pointed out that the amount of acid in our atmosphere is exponentially higher then it was a few hundred years ago. If you Google Image "acid rain effects” you can see how it erodes aways landscapes and statues. Then one morning my bathroom sink pipe broke. The water eroded away the metal pipe until a hole formed. If this is happening to our environment and the sink pipes, what is it doing to our bones and cells? 





     The understanding of the water in our body has been expanding thanks to the work of Dr. Gerald Pollack and his discovery of exclusion zone water (EZ water), or the fourth state of water. It is a state of water that is neither solid, liquid, or gas. It is also known as structured water, which means it has a hexagonal molecular pattern that allows for  hydrogen bonding. The charges in these bonds join water molecules together to form a liquid crystalline network. It is similar to the way the molecules of a crystal organize themselves into a structure versus its rock form. I love to visualize our body’s water as liquid crystal (FYI, LCD screens are Liquid Crystal Displays!). Even the Vijñana Bhairava understood this, “Brokenness surrenders to Crystalline brilliance of Being." (sutra 70 — Lorin Roche). We are noting but crystalline brilliance of being. So amazing!

     When water is organized like this, then the water is coherent. “Coherence,” as defined in Dancing with Water, “is a fixed phase relationship between waves or particles whereby the movement of one wave/particle coincides with the movement of all of them. For a system to exhibit coherence it must operate as though it is one unit — even though it is composed of multiple, independent parts. The human body is a good example of a coherent system.” It is aware and moves as one unit, able to communicate and conduct at a greater efficiency. Dr. Pollack may have discovered and written on EZ water as the water in our body and why this is so important, but the study and organizing structure of water has been known for over 100 years through the works of Victor Schauberger. He discovered many of the qualities and characteristics of water in structured form, including the ideal living conditions for water, temperature and the way it organizes (structures) through movement like vortexing. Water travels in a toroidal path, which allows it to gain more energy the further it goes. It actually turns in on itself (spirals) when it comes to an obstacle. It takes a longer path, but gets more energy. What if we all did the same!

     My studies and interest in water is one of the main bio-alchemical practices that I think past yogis were acutely aware of. Water as a conduit of electricity. Water as a spiritual food (fasting). Water as the interior atmosphere of our body. What fascinates me is how through the right kind of water I can revitalize my body, charge my mitochondria and increase my cellular activity, brain function, digestive health, and increase the alkaline of my body. I’ve heard for decades how much water I am supposed to drink per day, and the benefits, but that’s like saying I need to eat this amount of food per day but say nothing to the source or quality of the food. To do this, I am brewing my own mineralized, structured, and energized water. I make my own magnesium bicarbonate. I use a specific water filter, and have a set up to optimize water’s favorite environments. By drinking this kind of water I am way better hydrated and from a bio-mechanical experience that means my tissue is spongier and juicer. As the Soviet scientist and physician Alexander Bogomoletz said, “You are as old as your connective tissue.” 

To me water is a spiritual conduit. The minerals and crystalline structure of it hold, conduct and move the universe. And this is the same material that we are made of. We are the fluid universe. 

Stay tuned for new and exciting workshops that teach how to make your own water and other bio-alchemical practices. Feel free to comment or email with questions.