How to Recover from a Day of Donuts & Pizza in 1 Hour Without Going to a Yoga Class or the Gym


Hopefully y’all understand how necessary it is to detox the body due to our environment today. EMF’s, acid rain, sulfuric acid, nitric acid, chem trails everywhere, and the list goes on. Our environment is tougher on our system than any other time. So I’ve got all sorts of things I do to stay as clean as I can, but then there’s the times when you just say screw it and have a little fun. These are the days when donuts and pizza dominate, and a little wine too! In all fairness it’s not just about having a “cheat day,” which I don’t particuarly like calling it, since I don’t really feel like I’m cheating. This day I was celebrating. My parents were in town and my step-dad loves donuts, so a donut run to the best donut shop (Firecakes) was in order. Plus an easy and fun family night called for some pizza, salad, donuts and wine. Everyone was happy. Sometimes that’s what is most important — not organic, pastured-raised, wild, high-fat, blah blah blah, but being with family the way your family understands. But waking up the next day from donuts (and I’m not revealing how many), pizza and wine does not feel so superhuman. Here’s what I do to get my system back as fast as a speeding bullet.

  1. First things first - HYDRATE with some amazing water and minerals. I use Blue Ocean Minerals and take a 1 tsp in 12 ounces of water. These are loaded with magnesium and every other essential and trace minerals.
  2. Get SUN and get GROUNDED. Go outside and get your feet (and hands) on the earth while getting early morning sunshine. This is really one of the best things you can do (everyday) for your circadian rhythms and mitochondria. I took my dog to the park, took off my shoes and we bonded together on all fours.
  3. Take a COLD SHOWER (or bath). Get some good old cold water, around 55 degrees on your body. It fires up your fat burning cells and helps reset your mitochondria. After a 20 seconds or so you get used to it. I love cold showers. I love the way my skin feels all day.
  4. Use these supplements:
    1. BAKING SODA and APPLE CIDER VINEGAR. This floods your body with alkalinity which neutralizes the overly acidic load you just took in. Plus the ACV is anti-viral, fungal, biotic so it helps your immune system after such weakening foods. My recipe is 1/4 teaspoon baking soda, 2 tablespoons of ACV, a little water, lemon juice and an ice cube. 
    2. MOLECULAR HYDROGEN. This stuff is my daily go to, but when anything is going on with my muscles, tissue, bones, depleted energy, or inflammation I megadose on this. On a day like today, I drink a glass with 1 tablet dissolved after my mineral water.
    3. The ONE a PQQ propriety blend is a mitochondrial booster. I take this everyday but after such a day of donuts and pizza, this helps bring me back to feeling super.
    4. MAGNESIUM BICARBONATE. This is the secret elixir to longevity. Check out Dr. Russell Beckett’s work. I drink a liter a day. FYI, it’s nearly impossible to find this product, so I make my own. If you live in Chicago and are interested in getting it from me send me an email. Use 3 ounces go Mag Bicarbonate concentrate in 1 liter of water. Let sit for 4 hours (I make mine before bed the night before).
    5. SHILAJIT. I love shilajit and take it nearly everyday. On a day when I feel sluggish this totally loaded, mineral rich powder (which I put in my coffee) energizes me. Shilajit is the only natural source of fulvic acid ready for human consumption. Why is that important? Because fulvic acid penetrates the cell membrane and acts like a magnet for toxins within the cell and releases minerals into the cell. Your mitochondria love it! This is the shilajit I use. Email me and I'll send you a discount code.

Of course I had some coffee. I could have taken an infrared sauna or a red light treatment and gotten some good infrared light into me especially since the sun isn’t out, but today I didn’t because I felt great already.

So here’s to knowing you can let go and have fun with your family or friends, eat or drink (on occasion) whatever you like and get back on track immediately without having to beat the crap our of yourself the next day!