Why I am not an Arrogant Teacher Anymore

By Mitchel Bleier

A lot has happened to me. I guess anyone can say that since its true for all of us. Perhaps it is the act of paying attention that allows you to notice how much is happening in every moment. I know I am much clearer, cleaner, more alert and sensitive. I’m kinder, softer, and a better listener. I am more devoted and faithful. I have learned to surrender. I feel more connected to Source, the Divine, God, Nature, my Body - biology, chemistry, mystery, and miracles. My transformation, which is no more special or unique than anyone else’s transformation, brought me to my knees, humbled me, thrashed me about, tossed me, spun me, ripped at me. It was dark and then it was not. It doesn’t matter what happened to me, what matters is what it made me. Whole.

I am returning to teach classes for the first time in nearly three years. I’ve taught a little here and there while in New Orleans with Soul School. I have taught for our training here in Chicago. But as I wanted to teach for Tracy on Mother’s Day, I was spontaneously released by the Universe to teach again. My desire and delight for it flooded me. I am excited and thrilled for the opportunity. And my return marks a new me. Here is my manifesto:

  • I am no longer an arrogant teacher, instead
    I am supportive, nurturing, and spacious.
  • I am no longer an ego driven teacher, instead
    I am listening, patient, and surrendered.
  • I no longer think I know what is best for you, instead
    I am curious, fascinated, and uncertain.
  • I am no longer reckless, instead
    I am safe, caring, and gentle.
  • I am no longer abusive (to myself or others), instead
    I am healthy, clear, energized, and vibrant.
  • I am no longer looking to change you, instead
    I am excited to know you and witness whatever you need to do to know you are

A lot has happened to me. I have grown. I hope to have the honor to witness what happens to you. I hope to be there for your growth.