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On Filling Time

By Tracy Bleier

I am writing this from my kitchen table where for over an hour I swing between being a mom and learning how to be better at  “doing” business. I fail at finishing the email, the copy, and the blog I set out to do. My son called. He needs me which makes getting any work done an impossibility.  When I am not helping my son, I am fending off my tendency to be hard on myself for not getting my work done. 

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2017 Holiday Gift Guide

Here’s our Holiday Gift guide that combines the self-reflective — getting ready for New Year’s resolutions (gotta get healthy) — with the generous gift giving — can’t buy enough things thanks to Black Friday, cyber every day, green Monday, and whatever tomorrow is — mass holiday consumption. If you’re not sure what to get your yogi, biohacking, health freak husband, wife, parent, or friend, or you want to help one of them if they travel a lot or need a not so subtle hint to start making some healthy life changes then this list has got you covered. What better kind of gift is there then to upgrade someone's life? And while you’re at it but these for yourself too!

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Living Is Learning (& Trying Something New)

 By: Mitchel Bleier

 If I’m not learning and doing something new, then I’m not living. It’s not like I set out each day with some goal that I’ll read a new book or develop some new skill, learn a new recipe, or anything like that. I have no plans to learn. It just happens. It’s food for me. Since I started yoga when I was 18 I have been this way. I loved learning it all, whether it was learning to meditate, learning a pose, Pali or Sanskrit, myths, starting a magazine, making a website, learning to make herbal tinctures, starting a video production company, studying biology, neurology, nutrition, somatics, Vedic astrology, Reiki - I can keep going

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It's This and That

 Years ago, I used to teach yoga in exchange for a spot in a coveted writers retreat led by my favorite writing teacher. The retreats were intimate—only six to eight writers. They were private, held at a gorgeous inn with plush beds and multiple hearths and delicious coffee. I never left those days without having some aspect of my life renewed — whether it was about my writing or how I was seeing the world. I loved that my teacher included yoga and meditation as part of her retreats. It was nice to remind other writers how much of a resource our bodies are when we remember that we live inside of one.

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Sharing The Road: Reflections on Practice, Devotion & Dedication

   Tracy sent me a blog by Eddie Stern to read. It was a beautiful blog about the purity of a tradition, in this case, the Ashtanga Yoga tradition of Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, but he spoke so much more universally and with such wisdom just about the purity of a yoga practice and what that is. It’s been many years since I’ve read or thought of Eddie or what’s happening in the Ashtanga world, but throughout all my years as a practitioner, I have always admired, even idolized, what Eddie has done. He is smart, humble, a visionary, and he has dedicated himself to one thing with such devotion.

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Why You Should Question How You Breathe

“Yoga begins with a question,” as one of my teachers said to me to begin a ten-year long mentorship. Tracy reminded me the other day that my style of teaching has always been to teach by asking students questions instead of just telling them what to do or think. She pointed this out to me after I was sharing with her things I've been learning while in my sabbatical. I've been in the mode of questioning myself versus doing what I've always done, whether that's related to the body, breathing, meditating, or eating, parenting, and sleeping.

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