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A 'Big Easy' Change

By Mitchel Bleier

We just finished our seventh Soul School training. My dearest friend, Sean Johnson and I co-learn (as he has taught me) this 200-hour teacher training every year. It is hard to put into words what Soul School really is. Yes, it is a yoga teacher training, but it is infused with a spirit and creativity that I am not sure exists anywhere else. Partly it is New Orleans and the students who make it home. Definitely it is Sean and the brilliant ways he brings ritual, art, dance, storytelling, and of course music and yoga together. He is so spacious, loving, smart, considerate, and real. I admire him as a contemporary and as a friend. He holds together all the “sides” one might think about in yoga: the masculine/feminine, the emotional/rational, the arts/sciences, the strong/soft, the quiet/comedian, and those are just a few. I learn how to be a better person just by listening and watching him. Soul School has helped shaped the way I teach, as I’ve come to integrate the soulfulness of both New Orleans and Sean into my yoga.

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