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On Filling Time

By Tracy Bleier

I am writing this from my kitchen table where for over an hour I swing between being a mom and learning how to be better at  “doing” business. I fail at finishing the email, the copy, and the blog I set out to do. My son called. He needs me which makes getting any work done an impossibility.  When I am not helping my son, I am fending off my tendency to be hard on myself for not getting my work done. 

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Sharing The Road: Reflections on Practice, Devotion & Dedication

   Tracy sent me a blog by Eddie Stern to read. It was a beautiful blog about the purity of a tradition, in this case, the Ashtanga Yoga tradition of Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, but he spoke so much more universally and with such wisdom just about the purity of a yoga practice and what that is. It’s been many years since I’ve read or thought of Eddie or what’s happening in the Ashtanga world, but throughout all my years as a practitioner, I have always admired, even idolized, what Eddie has done. He is smart, humble, a visionary, and he has dedicated himself to one thing with such devotion.

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