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Observing Holy Days: Reflections of a Jewish Yogi

By Tracy Bleier

I am writing this from a hotel room at a Hyatt Regency in Indianapolis. Today is Rosh Hashanah. Ten or more  years ago I might have been sitting in synagogue.

I can’t remember the last time I observed the high holy days. Though, I still get that tug. That voice that says, we should be doing something. But over the years that voice has been barely heard much less has been listened to over the other demands of my life.

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A Yoga Dad on Fatherhood: Part 1 — Learning to Surrender

By Mitchel Bleier

As a father, I hope that my kids feel like they’re allowed to be themselves and feel celebrated and accepted. That doesn’t mean that every choice they make or behavior they do is ideal, and trust me they’re not, but I ask myself, “Are mine?” Do I want to be yelled at or shamed when I do something that is the eyes of someone else is “wrong?” No. I don’t.

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To Just Listen

My son called me the other day agitated about something.

I was glad it was over FaceTime. I could see him as he paced around his room, as he waved his hands, as he put his head down or closed his eyes. We live 300 miles away from each other.

I was glad for FaceTime

By Tracy Bleier

I felt my urge to want to fix things, to reassure him, to make his pain go away. There would have been a time when I went beyond the urge—When I  stopped everything to rescue him from a  hurt; dropped off the homework he forgot so he could avoid the consequences, and later it was protecting him from other potential tribulations. 

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