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Do You Try Too Hard?

By Mitchel Bleier

Do I try too hard? Okay, the answer is yes. I mean no matter how much I thought I was soft or relaxed, the fact was, I was doing way too much. But that’s been changing. 

My favorite answer within a yoga context that I think is applicable to everything comes from Lorin Roche’s book Meditation Made Easy. On page 25, he asks in the context of meditating, “What Can I Do Wrong?” Such an overplayed question in my mind

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Yoga Poses: Old, New, or Both?


     There is no definitive way to view the body’s alignment in hatha yoga. There seem to be agreements based on years of tradition, beliefs, the access to information we have, and innumerable other variables, such as our goals and expectations within the asana practice. However, all truth is dynamic, and as we discover more through the years of practicing yoga, what we end up with are new truths that weren’t available when we first began or even present.

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